Now Playing: November 7 to 29, 2014: Strictly Murder

An excerpt from the review of our current show - Strictly Murder:

by Maria Tzavaras, Bloor West Villager

"This is an interesting and well-written story, amazingly portrayed by this talented cast. Marten plays Peter with an eerie dual personality, as hes soft and loving with Suzy yet a cold-hearted [. . . ] Johansson also portrays Suzy with a fierceness and softness. She is no wallflower and is as tough with Peter as she is with the police who come to enlist her help. Ness as Josef is convincing as the man who seems to know nothing, and also brings in a few comical moments, which this otherwise heavy drama needs. Hats off to Candy [. . .] and to Kovack for her great portrayal, which throws audiences for a loop. Nothing is as it seems in this show, and that's what makes it interesting to watch."

~ For maximum suspense, read the rest of this excellent review AFTER you've seen the show!

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